Who We Serve

Innovation Connections (IC) provides a range of services for:

Organizations & Start-ups

  • Innovation-Driven Organizations
  • Technology Entrepreneurs

IC Services


  • Chief Manufacturing Officer, Supply Chain Officer, Chief Engineering Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Science Officer
  • President
  • Vice President, Department Manager, General Manager, Technical Head
  • Innovation Leader
  • Director, Associate Director
  • Division Head

IC Services

Senior Technologists

  • Research Fellow
  • Principal/Lead Scientist
  • Principal/Lead Engineer
  • Principal Research Analyst
  • Senior Technical Specialist

IC Services

Business/Managerial Leaders

Five or more years of experience working on large, significant projects.

  • * Section Manager/Head
  • Group Leader
  • Senior Team Lead
  • Senior Project Lead
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Program/Product Manager
  • Senior Innovation Leader
  • Senior Scientist
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Applications Supervisor
  • Team Lead/Manager

IC Services


Five or more years of experience working on large, significant projects and/or the individual is responsible for a major technology/discipline.

  • Senior Technical Lead
  • Senior Scientist
  • Senior Analyst, Senior Research Analyst, Senior Data Analyst
  • Technical Specialist
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Team Lead
  • Applications Senior Scientist
  • Senior Innovation Leader
  • Senior Information Scientist
  • Technical Program Leader

IC Services