Mary has worked with a broad range of individuals and groups. Learn about their experiences and results with testimonials in the following areas:

Executive Coaching

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Maria Villagran, Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble

“Mary is a great trainer, coach, and mentor. I worked for her for about 7 years at Procter and Gamble. She was my Director of Product Development for a Global Business and later she became the VP of a larger organization. I recommend Mary as a Coach for any technologist that is looking ways to grow and become the best they can be.


Mary was a very influential coach in my career; she was the manager who promoted me into my current position. Specific areas that she provided coaching and training through the years are:

  • Preparing proposals, project recommendations, and presentations to upper management,
  • She taught me how to apply critical thinking to problem solving situations, which in my career has been invaluable.
  • She coached me on how to be influential specially in critical projects and situations
  • She coached me on how to work with other technologists and be able to build ideas from each other to deliver breakthrough results.

Key concepts of product development that Mary was always focused on and that passed on to me, was the importance of “Holistic Design” to create winning products in the market; and, make the projects, BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, and CHEAPER as much as possible. It was a great experience and learning opportunity for me to work for Mary all those years.”

Charles Azuka, Ph.D DABT, Procter & Gamble

“This is to personally thank you for your exemplary leadership and the many lives which you impacted positively here at P&G. Mine is one of those lives. Thanks for saving my career. That will always be an inspiration to me and an ideal to live up to.


I remember I was faced with a situation 3 weeks ago and my position was right and backed with data, but it was not going to be popular. For inspiration, I recalled your actions and guidance on the odor issue we had in Pet Care. I went ahead and did what was the very right thing to do, not the second best thing as you always said and coached us to do! The outcome changed the business direction and saved the Company over a quarter of a million dollars in costs.

June Brennock, Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble

“Mary Carethers is an amazing coach. She has a passion and intellect that is unsurpassed. I had the privilege of working for, and learning from Mary, in the middle of my career and then sought her out as a manager and coach again years later. I can honestly say, ‘I learned more from Mary on what it takes to define strategy and influence others than from any other manager or mentor I’ve had at P&G.‘”

Kim Watts McMillan, Director Research & Development, Global Shave Care, Procter & Gamble

“I highly recommend Mary as an executive coach. Mary genuinely cares about her clients and their successes. She is an insightful and excellent coach. Through her expert coaching, she helped me to identify insights to advance my programs and generate strong results. This helped me build and project confidence. She also taught me how to graciously accept feedback and enroll my management to support and champion me in my development. The result was advancement to an Executive Level position with broad support from the organization in the Fortune 50 Company where I worked.

Julie Hunt, Associate Director, Procter & Gamble

“Mary was a strong R&D manager and role model. I worked with Mary for almost 5 years…Mary consistently role modeled the personal accountability, integrity and respect for the individual that is core to P&G. With Mary as my manager and coach I grew immensely in my skills and confidence as an R&D leader.

Eugene Tavares, Principal Scientist/Engineer

“I learned a lot from Mary from my 5-6 years in her organization. She has the ability to distill down complex challenges into their simplest components. Mary enrolls the organization and gives it clear focus to resolve those challenges. In addition to the big picture, she also engages on technical details and values sound science. She has high technical expectations that drive scientific rigor across the organization to deliver stronger results. I can say that I am a better scientist as a result of Mary’s coaching.

Esinam Glakpe, Senior Assistant Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble

“Mary is an extraordinary Executive Coach and highly dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals. She helped me to clarify what I wanted to achieve from our relationship and maximize our time together to achieve those goals. As a result of Mary’s coaching I gained confidence and skills in Influencing Up & Across the organization, Strategic Thinking and Planning, and Relationship Building. Mary brings her expertise from 25+ years’ experience in corporate business and innovation sector to give you real tips and strategies that you can reapply. Mary is a true professional, was patient with me, and a pleasure to work with.”

Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director, The Center for Executive Coaching

I highly recommend Mary’s work. She comes from an incredible background, working as an executive and leader in one of the world’s largest and most consistently innovative companies to develop new strategies and address leadership development challenges. At a time when the word “innovation” is overused, Mary is the real deal, with real experience and a track record of results in working with companies that rely on innovation for success. Unlike other experts in this space, Mary’s approach focuses on solving the toughest leadership and talent development challenges that leaders face, and in helping leaders achieve their fullest potential. She brings an incredible amount of energy to everything she does, and is a pleasure to work with. At the same time, unlike many so-called leadership development experts, she is not fluffy in her approach. She drives business success, starting with strategy and the big picture and systematically moving to practical problem solving approaches as well as creative insights to get to bottom line results. You will have fun working with Mary, and you will also get measurable, significant gains in performance.

Influential Leadership Development Programs

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Dr. Gabe Tzeghai, Global Director, Corporate Research & Innovation, Procter & Gamble

“Mary recently conducted a highly energizing and strategic training seminar on developing and leveraging positive influence and leadership skills for sustained breakthroughs in business, organization and personal career development. Twenty six senior technologist professionals and managers, who have been in R&D for 12 to 25 years, completed the training seminar.


Mary customized the training modules to build on the specific strengths and growth opportunities of each individual and the group as a whole. The training engaged each participant and the “group on intellectual, practical and emotional levels.” As such, they gained a “higher level of awareness” of their capabilities, the significance of their roles and adopted tools supporting their sustained development of influence and leadership skills.


The training has become an excellent catalyst for change, provided a “new reality check” on what is needed to “deliver breakthrough business and organization results.” As a result, the seminar participants made a significant shift in their daily engagement and confidence at work; primarily focusing on much needed innovation leadership, stepping forward to influence innovation strategy and more effectively out sourcing routine work.


This transformation is ongoing, and attendees are now reaching into their broader organization using the seminar tools; driving leadership development and productivity. I recommend Mary’s influence and leadership program for any organization aspiring to create a sustained culture of high performance, positive work environment and productivity.”

Racquel Daisley, Section Head Global Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Procter & Gamble 

Mary delivered a holistic program (delivered every other month over a one year period; alternating group training and individual coaching sessions) on developing influential leadership to a large group of cross functional Ph.D. managers and technologists at my Company. The program was very well received, and is being sought after for reapplication by other internal groups. Her insights were realistic, timely, relevant and actionable- borne out of individual experience, learning from others, and just knowing what works. Mary provide pre-reading for each session which was very thorough, held real life examples applicable to all participants and allowed immediate execution. Many participants saved the pre-reading information to their “life” resource files from which they still frequently reference. Her program was also well paced and highly interactive. I recommend Mary and her program on Influential Leadership Development .

Jacqueline Thomas, PhD, Senior Scientist, Procter & Gamble

I have participated in the Influential Leadership Development program over the last year and Mary’s coaching has done WONDERS for me. She has helped me to change my unintentional mindset/objective of “I don’t want to interrupt the other important Leaders because who would want to talk with me” to “I will be myself and make lasting impressions to enable my network.” My objective has changed because of Mary’s coaching. This change was highlighted for me at a recent conference were I was intentional about my conversations and as a result I made lots of meaningful connections and expanded my network. Thanks Mary!

Innovation & Leadership

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Forrest Goodwin, Director Procter & Gamble

“Mary is a proven passionate strategic leader of large Innovation Programs. She has vast experience in the Consumer Goods area and along with her very deep technical mastery always led organizations to breakthrough innovations. She has a very long and proven track record of winning innovations with Procter and Gamble, one of the largest Consumer Goods companies in the world. She is particularly skilled at truly understanding the needs of the consumer and combining this with novel technology approaches to create discontinuous products. She has experience in and has led all areas of R&D Product Design, including Formulation, Process Development, Sensory Development, Clinical Research, Upstream Technology, Business Strategy and all aspects of Consumer Understanding. She has the ability to take extremely complex challenges and define the key elements to win. She creates both a strong vision and a solid strategy in order to passionately engage other leaders to help drive success. She is a strong advocate and mentor of her people and was personally instrumental in developing my skills for my last advancement.

William Gipson, Sr, VP R&D Global Hair Care & Color, Chief Diversity Officer, Procter & Gamble

“Mary has been a tremendous leader and living example on the power of self-determination and commitment to excellence. If you ever had the opportunity to work with her you will fully understand my meaning. Mary consistently turned every assignment, small or large, into something she’s proud of.


She made innovation happen-it didn’t just happen around her. From overhauling small consumer or business propositions into bigger ideas to creating from scratch new technology and possibilities others thought impossible to deliver. She proved lots of naysayers wrong routinely.


She remains consistently BOLD in her drive for change. Her Boldness was both vocal and in action. I never have to wonder or guess what matters most to Mary. Her dreams and wishes routinely became programs and projects we all were expected to work on!


Mary has been “first” on so many fronts – 1st R&D AA Women AD, Director, Manager, and VP. And she has received several internal and external awards and honors over the years for excellence in innovation.


She and I have partnered on African American Diversity work since 1998…the longest standing co-leadership example I know of in affinity efforts across the Company. I will miss her leaning on the rock with me.”

Ninah Enaneanderson, Associate Director, Procter & Gamble

“Mary is an Innovation and organizational champion, a leader and advocate of break-through ideas, development of young talent, and a change agent of diversity and inclusion. She is coach, mentor, and advocate – one who is not afraid to make tough calls or a decision essential to progress program(s) or deliver results. Mary led the path for many young Engineers / Scientists at P&G, mentoring / coaching, and enrolling and challenging other organization leaders for support and development. Her leadership enabled and helped career development and growth for many in and out of P&G. She was and still is a role model for Women in Corporate driven by her passion, honesty and commitment to accountability and excellence.”

Pat Koochaki, Principle Scientist, Pet Care, Procter & Gamble

“Working with Mary has been one of the highlights of my 22+ years at P&G. She role models excellence in all her endeavors and expects excellence from those who work with her. This lifts the level of scientific rigor in the organization, builds a solid R&D foundation for the business, and creates opportunities for others to become better scientists. This is extremely important in regulated businesses like Pet Care. It was indeed a pleasure to work with Mary. I highly recommend her!”