Innovation Consulting

Is a competitive innovation pipeline central to your company’s success?

Are you frustrated that your organization does not consistently deliver successful innovations?

As a certified Executive Coach and proven Innovation Advisor, Ms. Carethers enables executives and top technical leaders in the innovation space to establish the long-term innovation strategies fueling strategic growth. She partners with you, to increase innovation excellence by focusing on the development of an integrated plan based on strategies, executive engagement, and leadership talent (SET).

A Proven Innovation Champion

“Mary is a proven passionate strategic leader of large Innovation Programs…She has a very long and proven track record of winning innovations with Procter and Gamble, one of the largest Consumer Goods companies in the world…She has the ability to take extremely complex challenges and define the key elements to win. She creates both a strong vision and a solid strategy in order to passionately engage other leaders to help drive success. She is a strong advocate and mentor of her people and was personally instrumental in developing my skills for my last advancement.” – Forrest Goodwin, Director, Procter & Gamble

Innovation Coaching & Consulting

We work with you, creating customized approaches for your organization’s needs through smart strategies and building leadership talent in your organization. Our approach:

  • Identifies innovation strengths and opportunity areas.
  • Defines a road map to future success.


Work with Innovations Connections to:

  • Maximize Productivity with a Mobilized and Engaged Organization. Develop strong integrated program strategies and implement them across the organization.
  • Foster a Culture of Innovation. Build the executive support and strategies to develop big sustainable ideas that make a huge difference in your organization’s bottom line.
  • Increase Leadership Engagement and Retention. Develop skills, mentor and develop top talent.

Along with coaching and consulting, we also offer strategic retreats helping your team develop key strategies.
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Innovation Consulting Process

Our steps when working with you include:

  1. Gain an understanding of your organization and the innovation process, initial opportunity areas and goals.
  2. Pinpoint strengths and opportunity areas relative to top-line innovation goals, with IC’s customized SET Innovation Assessment.
  3. Define specific innovation success objectives (time to market, success rate, etc.) based on measurable and specific criteria.
  4. Develop a road map and implement action plans with the support and guidance of your coach/advisor. Action plans can include individual coaching, a deep dive into opportunity areas, evaluating the innovation process (SET), and leadership development.
  5. Evaluate and measure progress and implementation based on the success criteria.
  6. Reinforce and sustain results.

For more information about this program and other services, please contact Innovation Connections at (513) 549-9004 or

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Innovation Coaching and Consulting 

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