Executive Coaching

Does your success depend on influencing others to support your goals?

Are your key relationships fostering your success…or not?

Have you been told you have performance “opportunity” areas?

In today’s innovation landscape, your success as an executive or senior technologist often depends your ability to meet your goals, through and with your peers, direct reports and upper management. That calls for effectively influencing those individuals to think, speak, act, and feel differently. As your certified executive coach and trusted advisor, Ms. Carethers enables you to gain the relationship-building and influence skills to resolve your most challenging issues.

Our proven process is specifically designed for the unique needs of innovation leaders…

“I highly recommend Mary as an executive coach… she helped me to identify insights to advance my programs and generate strong results. This helped me build and project confidence. She also taught me how to graciously accept feedback and enroll my management to support and champion me in my development. The result was an advancement to an Executive Level position with broad support from the organization...” – Kim Watts McMillan, Director Research & Development, Global Shave Care, Procter & Gamble


To Influence = Build Your REAPS Skills

Leadership & Influence Coaching

Ms. Carethers works with you one-on-one in each development area. Her experience and methodology:

  • Sparks change and growth-oriented solutions ensuring swift results.
  • Accelerates your learning curve, with an emphasis on supplementing and refocusing your skills.
  • Fosters on-the-job integration and retention as you defeat your challenges and reach your goals.

Your goals can include:

  • Driving High Performing Accomplishments. Develop strategies magnifying your results.
  • Increasing Employee Engagement & Retention. Mentor, develop and increase your team’s productivity and capabilities.
  • Opening Up Career Advancement. Increase visibility, results, and performance as a valued contributor.
  • Becoming an Influential Leader. Intensify your impact and leadership presence.

We also offer executive onboarding and succession coaching.


For more information about this program and other services, please contact Innovation Connections at (513) 549-9004 or mecarethers@innovationconnectionsllc.com.

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Executive Coaching

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