Influential Leadership Program for Emerging Managers & Technical Leaders

When you’re managing others, learning and mastering the requisite skills to become an influential leader is crucial. Innovation Connections’ leadership development program gives you the specific skills, tools, insights and strategies required to successfully manage, lead and influence others.

Customized, Concrete & Quantifiable Leadership Development

Unlike typical soft skills training, this program integrates the best practices of group learning and discussion, executive coaching, skill development and on-the-job integration.

  • Individualized Approach & Real-World Accountability. An upfront leadership 360 assessment pinpoints your strengths, skills and knowledge gaps; introducing on-the-job perspective.
  • On-the-Job Integration. Hone your new skills and knowledge at work. Create and implement your customized action plan based on measurable outcomes, with the buy-in of your manager and the support of your coach/advisor.
  • Executive Coaching Support. One-on-one coaching between group sessions enables you to recognize and zero in on specific growth opportunities based on feedback and your 360 assessment. Tackle your on-the-job issues with situational laser coaching.
  • “Outcome” Based Action Plan. Discover how to leverage your strengths and build your own path to successful solutions. Develop the emotional courage to push beyond your comfort zone.

Influence & Get Noticed By Management (Visibility)

Understanding and relating to the strategic mindset and motivations of your boss and upper management is the key to influencing them. Discover the tactics and communication strategies to:

  • Advance Your Career. Increase visibility, impact, and performance as a valued contributor. Demonstrate to your boss and others your ability to influence decision makers on the next level.
  • Get Executive Buy-in & Interest. Position your ideas and projects based on their needs and goals.
  • Drive Results & Increase Productivity. Influence management and peers to put a priority on your projects and initiatives.

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Cultivate & Lead a High Performance Team

Fostering and effectively leading a high performance team requires the ability to inspire, motivate, and communicate. Gain the skills and know-how to:

  • Develop Your Team’s Productivity & Capabilities. Coach, mentor and motivate your individual team members.
  • Lead With Impact. Influence peers and subordinates by building buy-in and consensus. Provide constructive and actionable feedback to direct reports.

Accelerate Your Skill Development & Career Goal Achievements

Improve in your current role and become promotable by learning how to:

  • Recognize & Pursue Growth Opportunities. Accept feedback constructively without taking it personally. Transform open-ended or unclear “suggestions” into actionable steps.
  • Discover What it Takes to Advance. Gain specific and worthwhile direction through key relationships; strengthening your power base.

Program Overview

Learning in a group setting gives you opportunities to gain insights from both your advisor and the 10-20 managers and technology leaders on your level.

  • In each session, engage in role playing, small and large group discussions, and review shared experiences and case studies relating directly to your challenges and situations.
  • Between sessions, focus on your opportunities for growth and address your more immediate challenges at work, with one-on-one coaching from your coach/advisor, Mary Carethers.
  • At work, you will begin practicing your newly learned influence and leadership skills; accelerating and deepening your understanding.

Your group sessions, 1.5 to 2 hours in length, will occur once or twice a month for up to six months.


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Influential Leadership Development for Emerging Managers & Technical Leaders 

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