C-Suite and Senior Level Executive Development Programs

Innovation Connections’ custom-designed executive development strategies and MEC_8_Qualities_chart reducedprograms enable you and your organization to achieve strategic objectives and win in the market place. Whether you need a large-scale, organization-wide program, help with a single business unit, or individual development, we work in partnership with you to make your executive development efforts successful. Work with Innovations Connections (IC) to:

Empower Your Organization

  • Create, communicate and implement a compelling vision and clear strategic plan that every employee is motivated to deliver.
  • Establish and shift the organizational culture to drive high performance, and attract and retain the best talent. 
  • Achieve better results when defining strategic direction and tackling key initiatives, strategic goals and plans.
  • Put in place and hone systems and measurement criteria supporting and enabling good decision making.

Strengthen Your Senior Team and Organizational Leadership

  • Identify and develop exceptional leaders on your team and in your pipeline who are ready to take on greater responsibility. 
  • Initiate and cultivate constructive crucial conversations, including how to give difficult feedback that both allows the receiver to grow, and supports senior team cohesiveness.

Executive Coaching: Mastering Influential Leadership

IC’s executive coaching empowers and enables C-suite and senior level executives to develop the key skills and capabilities necessary for transformational leadership (See Top 8 Qualities & Competencies of Influential leaders as shown above). Our customized coaching both meets the individual’s specific needs and aligns with organization’s business strategies.


Produces real business results in a short period of time. We analyze the leader’s strengths and development opportunities, clarify goals, create individual development and action plans, and address new skill needs while eliminating obstacles standing in the way of success. Executives gain the skills and knowledge to:

  • Foster change and commitment with visionary and strategic leadership
  • Achieve key objectives with influence and negotiation strategies
  • Productively manage conflict, and create robust partnership relationships
  • Hone their executive presence and manage their reputation
  • Successfully onboard to a new role or level


The majority of coaching engagements include:

  • Executive assessments and key stakeholder interviews designed for C-suite and executive leaders
  • Coaching sessions (6 to 12 month engagement)
  • Tracking and review of leader’s progress over time
  • Wrap-up session and follow up to ensure sustainability of new learning 

Strategic Executive Leadership Session Facilitation: Achieve Better Results for Key Initiatives, Plans & Objectives

Our customized leadership session facilitation and follow up advances and enhances forward progress.  The design and coordination of organization or unit-wide programs facilitates the development, alignment and implementation of strategic initiatives, plans and goals throughout the leadership team and organization. Customized programs include:

  • One day to multiple half or full day programs delivered over time to gain insights and align the strategies required to drive results.
  • One-on-one supportive coaching of key leaders who are developing and advancing specific action plans, to ensure forward progress.

 Work with a Proven Leader, Strategist & Executive Coach

Mary is a proven passionate strategic leader of large Innovation Programs…She has a very long and proven track record of winning innovations with Procter and Gamble, one of the largest Consumer Goods companies in the world. She has experience in and has led all areas of R&D Product Design, including Formulation, Process Development, Sensory Development, Clinical Research, Upstream Technology, Business Strategy and all aspects of Consumer Understanding. She has the ability to take extremely complex challenges and define the key elements to win. She creates both a strong vision and a solid strategy in order to passionately engage other leaders to help drive success...” – Forrest Goodwin, Director Procter & Gamble 

Strategy Planning, Development and Implementation: Determine THE Winning Game Plan

Formulate, articulate, implement, and lead the strategic direction required for organizational growth and success. Develop and communicate the purpose, values, and vision for an inspired and motivated organization. Drive strategic impact and gain organizational commitment. Our Strategy Planning program is your vehicle to:

  • Define the organization’s broad and crucial strategic contextual questions that must be answered to address “Where to Play.”
  • Identify the key “How to Win” strategic priorities that the organization must do to continue competing and succeeding.
  • Gain strategic alignment and commitment throughout the organization to ensure that the strategic plan is fully implemented.

Succession Planning: Secure Sustained Success

Your organization needs highly qualified, well-developed leaders in all mission-critical positions today, tomorrow, next year, and five years from now.  We partner with you to create a customized succession planning program aligning with your organization’s vision that accelerates your strategy execution. Our Succession Planning program is your vehicle to:

  • Identify your organization’s mission-critical positions.
  • Establish and utilize leadership competencies necessary to take your organization into the future.
  • Discover emerging leaders across the organization who have shown the potential to provide current and future leadership to the organization.
  • Conduct a Talent Review Meeting to determine the state of a potential successor’s leadership capabilities, identify gaps, and establish a plan for their professional development.

For more information about these programs and other services, please contact Innovation Connections at (513) 549-9004 or mecarethers@innovationconnectionsllc.com.

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C-Suite and Senior Level  Executive Development Programs 

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